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From: mhines
Subject: FelixThis story is a figurement of my imagination. Nothing recorded in these
words happened. If you have problems with brothers exploring each other and
a Dad who takes his pleasure from their bodies then leave. This story is
not for you, nor anyone under the age of consent. If you read this story
then it's not my responsibility if it causes you discomfort or comfort.I like feedback and if you have some comments please email me. Flames will
be ignored of course.
Felix came awake. His body sweating from the humidity, unusual for this
time of the year and muffled sounds from the bathroom. Same as last night
the boy figured and looked across the room. Shit he thought, what's
happening. It's late, I can't sleep and Shawn's not here, his bed's empty.Slowly the boy dragged his body away from the sheets and rubbed the sweaty
juices from his slim tummy. Needing a piss he crept to the bathroom as the
noise increased. Must be Shawn in there, why's he making such a noise Felix
wondered?"Dad, it's so big, I'm still sore from last night. I can't open enough,
please Dad let me suck you, I'm good at that, you told me, and I'll do
anything except take your penis in my butt." Shawn moaned."Son, you've got to learn, you did it last night and I gave your arse a
good load of dad sperms. Need you again, open up and push back as if you're
taking a shit, that's it kid now push, I'm getting up your fuck-hole; it's
mine son."Felix peered into the dim-lit bathroom and saw Shawn struggling as his
father's penis fucked into his backside, something he did to his younger
siblings but not like this. He watched, getting very stiff as Shawn's arse
filled and his Dad pushed his head closer to the pan. Felix gaped as Shawn
got rooted and fingered his hot fuck-hole. He brother fucked him lots and
now he's getting the same treatment. The boy wanted to change pre lolitas photo net places and
have his Dad's cock in him. He'd sucked it but never had it up his
backside."Take it son and push hard, you'll get this every night, I know you fuck
your brothers, they get it up the arse whenever you need to shoot. Caught
you son and I know you like boys, fuck Shawn I watched you root Felix and
then you finished inside Anthony. Now you know what a man's cock feels like
and after last night you're no longer a virgin, shit you pashed me after I
filled your backside with the sperm that made you. You've got a very tight
arse Shawn and I'll fuck you whenever I want, late at night or in the
morning, whenever. Get used to it kid, masturbate my cock in your
fuck-hole. Push kid and fuck."Shawn did and got his hot 16 year-old pussy fucked full of dad juice. Felix
had sucked both cocks and knew what it felt like having them cum down his
throat and his bum was used to Shawn's penis. The boy kept rubbing his
small hairless hole as he watched his brother getting spunk up his
backside."Yea kid that's good, you've done well I'll give you more later, get in
there and fuck your brother, he needs it. He loves sucking cock Shawn and I
bet he'll open his butt for you.""Dad it's so big but once you get in I love it." Shawn moaned. "Felix loves
cock, so does Anthony. You know that `because you spied on us. I like being
done Dad and I'm so hard, need to cum.""Told you Shawn, go fuck Felix, he's a hot kid I know you do him lots of
times."Felix rubbed his 4 inches as he fingered his bottom. Shawn slid closer to
the pan as his Dad pulled out. Both boys were excited and Shawn wanted
Felix. He needed to cum after such a fuck and his arse-hole farted spunk as
he returned to the bedroom.His family were into cock and arse play, Felix had been taught to suck at
an early age and Shawn's thick penis penetrated his bottom when he was 8
years old. Now Felix is 10, tall for his age with light blonde hair and
soft blue eyes. His slender body and perfect high-hanging buns were assets
that he didn't realise he had. Shawn knew home lolita no nude and so did his father. The boy
learnt how to fuck and loved being greased up and stuffed.Shawn is 16, a stocky fit lad with a massive cock for his age, maybe 7 and
a half inches and he's been giving it to Felix for the last two years after
teaching his brother how to suck. Anthony is 14 and similar in shape to
Shawn but yet to gain a penis bigger than 5 inches. He's extremely cute and
loves getting off inside Felix, sometimes he fucks little Jay but just
makes the boy's bum wet as the 6 year old can't handle a bum fuck, not
yet. His bum is used to Shawn's cock and he loves his older brother. Jay's
a good sucker and does his dad and Felix and sometimes Shawn.The boy's father is 38 years old and his heavy 9 inch cock has been in his
son's bums and mouths often. So far Shawn has missed out, (until tonight),
and of course Jay hasn't got anything but a small slot between his
legs. Felix is his favourite but he doesn't know that Shawn and Anthony
fuck the boy's bottom most nights and have done for some time.By now Felix was feigning sleep, his mind in overdrive as he re-lived the
scene of his Dad fucking his brother. He glanced at the other beds and saw
Anthony and Jay tossing in the heat but still slumbering. Felix wanted to
be sexy and often Anthony got horny and fucked his bottom. He was four
years older and at 14 made lots of cum; Jay was much younger and liked
watching the boys doing sex. He never told them that he sucked his Dad,
neither did Felix.Felix fingered his hole as Shawn staggered across the room and stood over
him. The other boys had bunks against the far wall, Anthony above and Jay
below. Felix bedded at right angles from Shawn on a small divan."Felix, you awake?" Shawn muttered in the boy's ear. "I need your bum; I'm
bloody hard, have to fuck my load up your backside. Come on kid wake the
fuck up and spread your legs, I'm full of spunk and you know how to use
your arse to make me shoot. I'm not going pull myself, haven't for ages not
with someone as cute as you emptying my balls inside your backside. Hurry
up Felix, I'm almost there."The boy knew what Shawn wanted and lifted the flimsy sheet inviting his
brother to lie with him. Shawn farted, slid against his brother and felt
him. Felix wrapped his body around the teen and whispered:"I saw Dad do you Shawn, I love your cock and I'm ready now, shit I want it
Shawn, give it to me hard and fuck your sperm up my backside. I've still
got some from last night, be easy for you to slide straight up. You like
Dad's cock?" me""You saw us Felix, shit, he knows I've been fucking you and Anthony, he
bloody spied on us and last night he screwed me after I rooted you. I went
for a pee and he was there Felix, his cock was dribbling and he rubbed some
of your bum-juice and my cum off mine. He's been spying on all of us for a
long time and I home lolita no nude know he's made nymphet loli nude pics
you and Jay suck his penis. He gave it to me
over the pan, wish I knew you were there, you opened the door and saw what
happened?" Shawn muttered."I heard you, needed a pee and then opened the door a bit. Dad was giving
you a hard fuck and you kept saying he was too big, I saw you take the lot
Shawn and he's going to fuck you whenever he feels like it." Felix replied."Yea, its cool Felix, I'm okay with him up me, wish he'd do me in bed like
I do you. It's cold in the toilet and I don't like bending over the
pan. Maybe he needs to come in here and have fun with the four of us. I bet
you'd love his cock up your bum, so would Anthony, Jay could suck as we do
it!" Shawn responded."Nice one Shawn, Jay's seen us fucking and he's sucked Dad. Told me about
it and Anthony's tried to fuck his butt, hurt too much so Anthony gave it
to me and Jay sucked my dick. He's a horny boy for his age and wishes he
had a bigger hole so all of us could root him. You sure the boys are asleep
Shawn, all this talk has made me very horny, I want your cock now." Felix
whispered in Shawn's ear."Don't know kid, but if they aren't, so what, they lolita net free sample
suck and Anthony fucks,
let them watch, maybe they'll join us." Shawn said."Anthony loves doing me after you Shawn, his cum spurts into yours and I
have a full bum. It's really good knowing my brothers have used my hole,
give it to me Shawn, hard and fast like always." The boy moaned in his
arms."Lift up a bit kid and I'll do you on your side, push that hot pussy back
and lolitas illegal bbs cp take my cock. Fuck yea, that's so hot Felix, you're the best root ever,
take it kid and fuck my cock, shit fuck Felix, root my dick, ah fuck feels
so good and Dad's spunk is leaking out of me. I love you Felix, make me cum
in your arse, fuck my dick, ah shit kid you feel awesome and so bloody
tight. Can't hold back, I'm cumming Felix, take it kid and fuck hard."
Shawn gasped.Felix gave a thrust knowing his arse was being pumped full of the love
juice from Shawn's balls. He yelled as his sperms squirted and pushed. His
screams of pleasure and feeling his brother shooting woke the others. The
boy tried to be quiet but having Shawn up him was always a thrill and this
time no different. Shawn's fast teenage fuck made the boy dry cum. Pushing
back the sheet he forced his brother's cock lolitas illegal bbs cp deeper and screamed as his cock
jumped but nothing came out. It gave Shawn more momentum lolita young best art and he gave the
boy every thing he had, more cum as his balls bounced over Felix's
bottom. Felix swooned and grabbed his brother's bum forcing the horny teen
to keep fucking."Shit man, I'm fucked out, you're some root Felix, can't believe your
fuck-hole, it's bloody tight and, fuck I've got more, lift up kid and I'll
give you some more spunk.""Do it Shawn, fuck me all night, I want your cock don't care who knows, you
fuck great and I'm ready for anything." The boy pleaded."What the fuck," a voice cried out, "you guys doing it again, Felix your
butts full, shit I came in you a couple of hours ago and Shawn did you this
morning, I need to cum too, want more Felix?""Yea Anthony of course, you know I love it, come over and screw me
now. Shawn's done his stuff and he's dripping more in me, I'm still horny.""I'm watching then." Jay piped up."Hell Jay you're too nude loli lolitas heaven young to see this, go back to sleep." Anthony told
him."Can't, anyway I can suck, you know that, let me see Felix getting it up
the arse, he's always getting fucked but I never see his bum taking it
because you put the blankets over him. It's hot tonight and he's got
nothing over his body except Shawn's cock in his bum." the boy responded."Okay Jay, you can watch if you want and suck me off when Anthony shoots. I
know you want that. Shawn's still up me and he's okay with you both having
fun." I told my brothers.Took both boys a minute and they were standing naked beside Shawn and
Felix. Shawn moved and his penis slid out of his brother. Cum flowed as he
did and Felix tried to clamp his crack. Anthony loved his brother's lolita young best art
and seeing it dripping spunk made him moan. He felt his brother's backside
and fingered his fuck-hole. Felix jumped up and pushed for Anthony and gave
himself to the boys. He knew they would fuck the shit out of him all night
and he was ready for as much arse-play as he could get."Go on suck my dick Jay, watch me getting fucked and I'll cum in your mouth
kid I Know you love my sperm." Felix muttered.The boys had suffered heaps in their young lives. Christmas used to be young underage lolita tgp a
fun time with Mum and Dad letting them decorate the tree and then all the
presents appeared and got felt, lots of food and cuddles from Mum and Dad
played Santa, distributing the gifts. lolita baby pics nude An afternoon of fun and games and
everyone was happy.Anthony loved playing with Felix and Jay. A fourteen year old ticking a 10
year old and a six year old was huge fun and all three did lots of boy
stuff with each other. Shawn, being the eldest resisted the tickles and at
16 he wanted time after present opening, in his room. He loved male porn
and his PC was full of hot pics of men fucking boys. Lately he discovered
Felix could take his cock and liked being fucked. After a hot time on the
internet Shawn always sought Felix's bottom and filled it with a load of
pent up spunk. Shawn held back for ages knowing he had a willing recipient
in his younger brother. They fucked in the shower, toilet or bed, didn't
matter as long as Shawn got off, Felix loved Christmas because Shawn always
stuffed himSadly last Christmas a snow storm happened when the boy's parents were
driving home. Their car crashed and only Dad survived. Mum got belted by
the passenger door in spite of the air bag and died.Four sobbing boys stood over the coffin as it made its way into the Earth
and their Dad wept uncontrollably. Neighbours offered help and wanted the
boys to stay. They refused and closed the door to the World. Tears and
fears settled as the boys discovered the warmth of each other and cuddled
every night. Boy cocks stiffen with affection and gradually Felix, Anthony
and Jay discovered the pleasure of sucking and later fucking.Shawn said nothing but he knew and his cock became his master. He fucked
Felix and shot his sperms into the boy and Felix felt wonderful having his
brother's cum in his body. Anthony took Felix many times and their father
let them suck his massive penis. What the boys didn't know was the depths
their father would go to see them fucking each other. He loved each boy and
wanted to get his penis in their butts lots more, especially Felix.To be continued...
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